Motion, color and sound. Non-representational art as many may refer. A festival held at the Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Center. A good excuse to visit the northlands. If you live there a must. Organized by hardcore art directors and animators of full worship. 


30 JAN - 2 FEB 

Klik! Animation Festival in Amsterdam ran November 2013 and the festival chose to do the theme "Fabulous Fifties" for this year. Amid Amidi and Klik'ker Tünde Vollenback programed special screenings and introductions approaching the Cartoon Modern tendencies in the fifties.


Next: Nov 4 - 9  2014

Klik!, Amsterdam's finest animation festival. Held from the 12th of November until the 17th in Amsterdam Netherlands. With a different theme for every year, this emission of the festival focuses on "The fabulous fifties".


12-17 Nov.